About The Lucky Girl

Hey! Welcome to my About Page!

I'm Kimberly, a middle-age-ish single mama to four devastatingly handsome sons. I have too many pairs of over priced jeans, you can almost always find me in either flip flops or cowboy boots, and I drink too much Diet Dr. Pepper. I know. I need to drink more water. 

You're at the right place if:

  • You are interested in someone who is both a survivor of & lover of life.
  • You value communication even if it *gasp* evokes emotion.
  • Your family and the people you love are most important to you and you make them your priority. 
  • You are a maker and keeper of memories, the only gifts that really matter. 

I want to write about my life for my sons. My life before them and our life together now.  Not because I am fabulous or interesting. I want them to understand and know me. To maybe "get" why certain things make me angry or frighten me. To understand why I value the things I do. To better understand the choices I make.

Most of all in the hopes that they might have an easier time forgiving my mistakes and short comings.

Lucky Girl Decals was born in 2006 out of my love for scrap-booking my families memories. I'll tell that story along the way. It is something I rarely have time to indulge in anymore. My love of making and keeping our memories led me to a business that has allowed me to be home with my sons as a single mother. It is a blessing I never take for granted. To that end I will plug my products here shamelessly! ;)

Lucky Girl Decals feeds my love of words and my need to be creative and reminds me all the time what a lucky girl I really am.