Hobbit Inspired Gandalf Wall Decal Every Day Deeds of Ordinary Folk Small Acts of Kindness and Love

$ 18.00

Hobbit Inspired Gandalf Wall Decal

✔Previews are not to scale. Please see the product dimensions. ✔Black is the default color. ✔Decals do not stick well to egg shell finish paint. ∷∷∷★ ABOUT ★∷∷∷ Wall Decals are a great way to add artistic flair to your home for minimal cost and effort! All of our decals are made from the highest quality matte vinyl that is made especially for interior walls and paint. Once applied the decal will look as though it was painted on. Our decals are easy to install and easy to remove as well. Please note that these decals are one time use only and cannot be moved or reapplied once installed. ∷∷∷★ INSTALLATION ★∷∷∷ Our decals are easy to install and come with details instructions. They can be applied to any flat, smooth surface or lightly textured walls. Walls, windows, mirrors, cabinets, doors, laptops, etc. Your decal will arrive on application paper that will allow you to put the decal on all at once. Letters do not have to be applied individually! ∷∷∷★ OUR GOAL ★∷∷∷ Our goal is to always delight you with original and high quality designs. If for any reason you are not delighted please let us know. We want you to be thrilled with your experience in our store. Every sale matters and your business is appreciated!